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Union Essential Oil

Designer: TØTUM

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Organic Essential Oils 

  • Petigrain

  • Vetiver

  • Palmarosa

The organic oils within our Union essential oil have been selected to ground the mind, and deepen your connection to the earth. A combination of petigrain and vetiver brings a distinct green, herbaceous and earthy aroma, while palmar


Place 2-3 drops of Union in a diffuser, oil burner or bathtub to provide additional aromatic support to calm your space, and ground your mind & body. 

Place 2-3 drops of Union in 1/2 tsp of carrier oil (coconut, avocado, sweet almond oil, olive oil) and apply to temples, back of the neck and wrists, acting as a natural perfume and alleviating tension throughout the day.

Place 2-3 drops of Union into a 25ml spray bottle filled with pure water and spritz over your body throughout the day.