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A powdered clay face mask loaded with antioxidants and Omega 3 from the greenest trio, Hemp, Green Tea and Aloe Vera. Assists to help fight the signs of premature ageing (like age spots), wrinkles, and sun damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce redness, scarring and bacteria.

Your go-to hero to help soothe and refresh tired, breakout prone butts, leaving your skin nourished without clogging pores. Be free and easy and butt naked with the powers of our Hemp superhero.

Mini bamboo spoon included | Size 50g

Powders from: Hemp, Kaolin, Aloe, Green Tea 

These clay masks can be used weekly.

To use your clay mask grab your bamboo spoon, and a bowl (wooden or glass) and mix 1-2 teaspoons of powder with a drop of 2 of water.
Mix until you form a clay-like paste. If more water is needed add more drops as required. 

Apply to your face, avoiding contact with eyes. Sit back, take some selfies or hug your dog (our choice) for 5-10 minutes as the mask dries.
Once the mask dries rinse with warm water. You can apply a light moisturiser post mask treatment if desired.